Creating Value On Dunk Social

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This is a short overview of the process called curation.

This is the way that value is drawn from the sites rewards pool.

Stake tokens to the network and then generate rewards from your upvotes.

Reward quality content and yourself by staking to the network and staying involved.

If you have any questions reach out to me in the comments or on Twitter @ rob_minnick23

Enjoy the platform!


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Yesterday, I have seen DUNK 500 in my leodex wallet.
I didn't know where it was received.
Can I get Curation reward if I stake DUNK?
Can I get author reward if I use #dunk tag?
What kind of post can I use #dunk tag?
Thank you so much.

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Yes, stake your tokens then Curate (that's by voting posts) and you'll earn rewards!

You can use the tag or better still post from their frontend, only posts related to basketball.!

It shouldn't be called curating, should be dunki'

I'm excited to be part of the air drop and will be upvoting like a mother! Hope to create some decent content too.