NCAA College Basketball Top 25 Recap: Same old Sparty

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Many, I really can't begin to describe just how disappointed I am in the Michigan State Spartans today. After having a really great game against a top 25 team last Thursday, they went into Sunday and dropped a massive game against Indiana.

It isn't like Indiana is ranked or anything, but with a record of 12-6, it should have been an important matchup for the Spartans. Now Indiana moves to 13-6 and the Spartans move to 13-7. I'm not really happy about this.

I really hoped this would be the year they wouldn't fall into the same pattern of going up big early and then just throwing the game away. I was annoyed going into half time. Then the second half hit and it was even more miserable. Good job to the Hoosiers for coming away with the win at home, but man I really wanted this win.

I don't expect MSU to be anywhere close to the top 25 after that game on Sunday.

Friday gave us zero games in the top 25. @mrsbozz and I were going to try and watch my nieces games down in Ohio, but both the junior varsity and varsity games were away on Friday and they were charging $7 to stream them.

On top of that, they were only streaming the varsity game. Since my niece gets pretty low playing time on the varsity squad, it just didn't make sense to pay the money to watch her sit on the bench. It turns out it is good we didn't pay. While the JV team came away with a victory, the varsity team struggled all night and got sent home with a pretty lopsided loss.

Saturday was a totally different story giving us 19 games in the top 25.

Probably the biggest upset of the day would have to go to #14 TCU taking down #2 Kansas. This was a heartbreaking loss for me because I had money on Kansas to win. I watched part of the game and TCU was clearly outplaying the Jayhawks. It was a pretty fun game to watch if you didn't care about Kansas winning...

Duke seems to be on the right track upsetting #17 Miami. It might not be long before we see the Blue Devils back in the top 25. It feels like it has been forever since they have been there. Personally, I don't really mind, but it still feels a bit off.

#11 Arizona took down #5 UCLA 58 to 52 in a Pac 12 showdown. I was actually a bit surprised to see UCLA ranked so high. They have kind of been flying under my radar this year even though they have been pretty decent the past couple of years.

Oklahoma State edged out #12 Iowa State 61 to 59 and that was the final upset of the day. There were a couple of close calls though. #19 Clemson just squeaked past Virgina Tech 51 to 50, and #21 Baylor narrowly beat Oklahoma 62 to 60.

Pretty surprised to see Alabama sitting up there in the #4 spot. I know they have been doing pretty well this year, but seeing them ranked so high in basketball just feels unnatural. #6 Gonzaga seems to have rebounded from their big loss earlier in the week and they beat Pacific 99 to 90.

If the TCU over Kansas win on Saturday wasn't a big enough story, on Sunday Temple came out of nowhere to beat #1 Houston 56 to 55. It was only a matter of time before Houston went down, but I don't know as though anyone was expecting it to be Temple.

Purdue has had a couple of really close games over the past week, but they still manage to hold on to the #3 spot. Maryland almost beat them on Sunday just falling short 58 to 55.

Tonight we see what should be a good matchup between Kansas and Baylor. Definitely keep an eye on that one.

Hopefully MSU can "rebound" this week and get things back in order. I still have faith that they will get things sorted out by the time the tournament comes, but right now it is just looking like a hot mess. I'm honestly not sure Izzo can handle another season of falling short. The Sparty faithful has to be waning a little bit...

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