Taking A Chance: Some of the More Lucky Athletes Who Found Success

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Some people may think that succeeding as an athlete is all about being supremely talented or more skilled than others. But for those who have taken time to dig into the careers of some of the more celebrated athletes, it becomes clear that the recipe for success goes beyond mere talents.

There are tons of talented people out there who we have never heard of, and they span across all walks of life. Sure the development and finesse it will take to become a polished athlete may be lacking, but there are those who have what we call 'raw potential' that goes unnoticed.

For sports in particular, the diversified nature of the sector has enabled athletes to thrive beyond their skill. This means that potential could actually be identified across board and integrated into sectors where they best fit.

Looking Out for Potential

One of the major reasons why talented people go unnoticed is because their potential isn't recognized and given a chance to flourish. Raw talent of course needs polishing, but for unfortunately scouts are either too interested in what everyone is already focused on, or simply fail to see how they can properly harness such talents.

Yet there are some lucky people who have been given the opportunity to show the stuff they were made of and not only took the opportunity, but were able to elevate those who gave them a chance in the first place.

A Failed Footballer Turned WWE Superstar

One of the most Iconic WWE figures in the new era is Roman Reigns. Although coming from a wrestling background, he pursued American Football in college and later went pro, having brief stints in the NFL and Canadian Football league before retiring. Needless to say that his footballing career was nothing special.

However, perhaps due to his wrestling heritage, the WWE took a chance on him first with their developmental company before making his way to the main program and has not looked back since. He is what you might call a bona fide superstar of the company, headlining several events.

During his farewell speech after being diagnosed with an illness in October 2018, he especially thanked the Company (and Vince Mcmahon) for giving the platform to succeed.

A Second Round Pick Becomes an MVP

For rookies in the NBA, opportunities come few and far between when you are a second round Draft pick. The top drafts have all the opportunity to shine (or falter) from the get go while most of the second drafts patiently await their opportunity. For Green he took his chances early enough, but it was an injury to Golden State Warriors teammate David Lee that promoted him to the starting line-up and propelled him to MVP status. There are tons of second draft picks who have exited the NBA without really be given the opportunity to show what they are made of.

There are tons of other examples that I could give that under the right circumstances would never have become as successful as they were. Can you imagine Boxing without Mike Tyson if he wasn't discovered by bobby Stewart?


Sometimes it boils down to luck to get opportunity to come knocking. But when it does, any talented athlete should be fully prepared to take advantage.


Great examples of how most people would have chosen failure but these few did a great pivot and turned failure into massive success :-)

I know Brock Lesnar was kind of a football player and it was looking hopeful for him in the NFL but an injury kept it from happening. Wasn't the Rock one as well? If these guys can remain ripped I would imagine that football would seriously prepare your body for the "bumps" in WWE / AEW