[NBA2K21] Retos del almacén #7 Contra Starks, Oakley y P. Ewing #100%HP / Warehouse Challenges #7 Against Starks, Oakley and P. Ewing #100%HP

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Fuente:Captura de mi gameplay/Source:Screenshot of my gameplay

Saludos amigos bienvenidos a mi blog, hoy les traigo un video de la serie de Retos del almacén donde estoy tratando de desbloquear un articulo exclusivo que se obtiene solo completando estos retos.

Los rivales de fueron Starks, Oakley y P. Ewing, los icónicos jugadores de los Nicks y tuve de compañeros a nada mas y nada menos que a S. Pippen y su majestad el Goat M.J.

No ha sido la verdad un partido muy difícil, aunque comenzamos un poco mal pues el marcador estaba al principio 5 a 0 lo fuimos igualando a lo largo del partido.

Espero les guste el gameplay y que lo disfruten como yo lo he hecho jugándolo.

Greetings friends welcome to my blog, today I bring you a video of the Warehouse Challenges series where I am trying to unlock an exclusive item that you get only by completing these challenges.

The opponents were Starks, Oakley and P. Ewing, the iconic players of the Nicks and I had as teammates none other than S. Pippen and his majesty the Goat M.J.

It has not been a very difficult game, although we started a little bad because the score was at the beginning 5 to 0 we were equalizing it throughout the game.

I hope you like the gameplay and that you enjoy it as much as I did playing it.

retos del almacen #7.2.PNG

Fuente:Captura de mi gameplay/Source:Screenshot of my gameplay

Sin mas que agregar me despido y les recuerdo que hago directos en mi canal de Twitch y en Vimm.tv de lunes a viernes al rededor de la 3 PM hora de México y me pueden encontrar también en mis diferentes redes sociales https://linktr.ee/gr33nmaster para apoyarme y también para cualquier consulta en el mundo del streaming pues también apoyo a streamers en comienzo para mejorar la calidad de sus directos, que estén bien y tengan mucho éxito.

Without more to add I say goodbye and I remind you that I do live on my Twitch channel and Vimm tv from Monday to Friday around 1 PM Mexico time and you can also find me on my different social networks https://linktr.ee/gr33nmaster to support me and also for any questions in the world of streaming as I also support streamers in beginning to improve the quality of their live streams, be well and be very successful.

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Ewing coaches at my former college of Georgetown, was a great player for sure but not a great coach IMO!

Ewing for me is in the top 10 best centers of all time, you really know him? what envy. !PIZZA



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I ran into him on occasion on campus but I wouldn't go as far as saying I know him LOL