LA says goodbye to Staples Center and hello to Arena

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Crypto will clearly be a big part of our future 👀

I saw some pretty shocking headlines last night just before I went to bed. If you are familiar with crypto debit cards, then surely you have heard of, if not feel free to use my referral link to sign up and we both get $25 USD 🤑

In this official announcement post we learned that the famed Staples Center will be changing its name to the Arena.

For those that aren’t aware, Staples Center is where the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers NBA teams have played their home games since 1999. The LA Kings hockey team also plays their home games in the same location. Along with that, countless other events such as concerts are held at this downtown location. This is one of LA’s most iconic locations for events.

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All sponsorships eventually come to an end. It seems as though the deal with Staples is finally coming to an end. A new 20 year partnership with has been established. Crypto is not just a fad, this is clear proof we are all going to be adopting crypto in some form or another.

The NBA is not the only big name associated with this arena, but it surely is the biggest. We’ve already seen the NBA adopt crypto with their NFTs. Now during very home game from the league’s most popular team the world will see the Arena. LeBron and the Lakers are the perfect team to help promote crypto’s mainstream adoption.

01AFF864-BD4E-4AC1-B51E-144AD0425AE8.jpegImage Source is no stranger to NFTs. They have their own platform to create/but/sell artwork and more.

Their marketplace competes with other platforms such as and Coinbase’s upcoming NFT marketplace offering.

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Another area where has dipped their toes is decentralized finance, aka DeFi which allows users to do things such as provide liquidity and earn high percentage APR from their holdings.

Famous actor Matt Damon has recently been in ads. This company obviously has big money backing it and will continue to push the mass adoption of crypto.

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Are you shocked to see the Staples Center finally change its name to the Arena after 20 years?

Feel free to a comment and let me know your thoughts on this news.


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It's an heartbreaking for me that I grew with Staples Center

When the heart breaks it grows back even stronger. Arena will inspire the next generation for years to come.

thats huge


Hey my corduroy, how have you been? As is everything, hugs and greetings to the family.

Life is good. I am thankful to be where i am. I hope you and yours are also doing well.

I'm glad brother that everything is going well. Around here, thank God, everything is under control.

That's a crazy and good new 😃


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I didn't even know they were catholic.

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I have a card but had sold my staked CRO after the holding period ended, which is a shame for gains lol. Really cool that we are seeing a mass advertising movement happening right before our eyes though. Wonder if CRO will like the fact that Coinbase is on the base of all the baskets though, will be a crypto advertising overload in that arena where there is basically a game every night.

I do think it’s pretty awesome that they do not require you to continue to stake CRO after you have done so long enough to get your upgraded card for good.

The ads going head to head will be interesting to witness. Eventually it’ll be as normal as seeing ads for different car manufacturers. There will be many and some people will have their preferred… but many will succeed in the space.

More people have heard of Coinbase I’m sure… however crypto is becoming more common to hear about these days. I think that people who are 100% new to the idea of crypto will flock to thanks to the simple name and solid marketing. Coinbase will still keep its dedicated user base and also continue to grow, but really nailed it by getting that url. I can only imagine how much that must have cost them.

I've recently got myself one of their cards👍😎

Dope! Did you go with the free one or one of the metal cards?

so far I took free one just for testing, but I think I am gonna get the 2% card

I think it would be an awesome decision to upgrade. Especially if you plan on using the debit card frequently.

I currently use prepaid Revolut without cashback, so any cashback is great :)

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It mirrors what took place in the dotcom era when internet companies started to sponsor sporting events/arenas.

That was a step that started to push it into the mainstream. We will likely see a similar result with cryptocurrency.

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A shift in such a memorable name like Staples Center will attract a new group of people who were perhaps asleep to crypto before seeing the Arena.

I remember back in 2002 (when I was only 10 years old) I watched the film called Like Mike. I vividly remember thinking the Staples Center was so important when Bow Wow used his sneak skills to get inside of an NBA game there. The name of that arena stuck with me since then. It’s awesome to think that something similar could happen to a child during this generation now that the name is evolving into something more modern and centered around blockchain tech.



Holy crap that's huge considering the Lakers may be around the top in number of fans in the NBA worldwide (hello China, which is also curious considering how China is the biggest NBA market after the US or maybe even larger and their quarrel against crypto). As you say, this is not a fad, and the corporate world is slowly and retardedly but at least steadily accepting and embracing that fact.

It was only a matter of time until something huge like this happened... I was both hyped and surprised that it was the Laker's arena that secured this sponsorship.

I’m not sure how works outside of the USA, but here it is at the top of the list when it comes to blockchain companies. I assume their presence is getting close to or is already worldwide. Like you said, NBA for sure isn’t doesn’t just have viewers in the USA… so I know this partnership will help a lot. is also huge in South America and yes, the NBA sounds like a great approach to link with the Asian Market (both crypto and NBA related haha). Cheers!

damn that's awesome

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So pumped about this. Imagine a pre-teen gamer playing NBA 2K and the intro to their game has the Arena. Something like that could be the initial spark for much of our youth. It's amazing to watch this all unfold.

Absolutely. FTX and are killing the marketing game

It is great to have companies who know how to market to push crypto adoption further.