Signing Up For Dunk Social

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Here is a short video on how to sign up for Dunk Social! More information will be released on tokenomics, distribution plan, roadmap and how to use your dunk social account!

Here is some additional information:

o The four private keys
 Posting Key:
• This key should be used for social networking actions, like posting, commenting and voting. This key has a limited set of permissions and it is not able to be used for monetary actions. So you can't lose money if someone else gets access to this key.
• Use this key for log in purposes if needed
 Active Key
• This key has additional permissions for more sensitive monetary-related actions, like transferring and exchanging tokens.
• When performing a wallet related action, you may be prompted to authenticate with your Active key. You should only enter your Active Key into apps which you trust because anyone with access to this key can take your tokens. Do yourself a favor and store this key safely to avoid losing tokens in the future.
 Owner Key
• The owner key is required to change the other keys. This key has additional permissions to recover your account or change your other keys. It's the most important key and should be securely stored offline.
 Memo Key
• The Memo key because it is a bit of an outlier. The only thing the Memo Key can do is encrypt and decrypt private messages that are sent through the blockchain. While this could one day be a powerful feature, today it is not commonly used. If you have received a private message that you would like to decrypt, as always you should use the key with the minimum necessary authorities, which in this case would be the Memo Key.
 Public Keys:
• Each Hive Key has a public and private key to encrypt and decrypt data. Public keys are associated with usernames and can be used to look up associated transactions on the blockchain. Your public keys are not required for login on and you don't need to store these safely.
• View public key information for this account (in the 'Authorities' module):
• What happens if you lose your Hive Keys?
o In this case you better know your password to log in and check your keys here:
o IMPORTANT!! This is a blockchain account. If you lose your password, you will lose access to your Hive account and the funds inside of it.

  • We cannot recover these for you. The increased ownership of your data and content comes with the responsibility to remember your information

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Waiting to know about the tokenomics.

Post is being written now! Shouldn’t be too long

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Thanks Rob!!!

Posted now here on my personal account!

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Maybe you should pin this or a faq area for beginners to go to when they are lost.

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Yes, I am working on that now, for now promoting it was enough to put it to the top.

I wish you luck and success with your project!

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Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day

Amazing! I found your videos in 3Speak and I had to check this tribe out. When I was younger I liked playing basketball and even though I was never very good I enjoyed it. I wish you a lot of success with the new community. I've bought some tokens and I've made some votes hehe, my vote is 5 DUNK, nice!

I'm looking forward to learn more about the details of the tokenized community and I'm already inviting some of the people that I know in Hive that like basketball. If I got time tomorrow I'll make a post from the frontend to spread the word a little. Cheers from Mexico!

interesting ! I've just signed up!
it looks like a great initiative to bring sports into hive.
it's original work Congratulations!
I'd like to thank @regenerette for letting me know and You'll see me posting about football maybe,

It’s for basketball. Good morning!
I am a huge fan so I feel over-Excited with this place!

I´, easily hyped so i´ve bought in with my available hive tokens... about three fiddy (hundreds) ... 350$ MR.Photo thinking....


That's a move!

I'll see you around! Should we follow each other?

I think it wold be the only rational courseof action. ;) and i know... but i think i will be hoarding some more tonite, if price is rite! who ya favor tonite.. BUCK or NETS ???

my good sir!

Nice, just got me some dunk :)

yo i aint getting my airdrop tokens... and i´m probably currently the number one provider

of marketing for this basketball thing, now airdrop me a fat one or i make my own basketball coin but with hookers... and cokain....

A new sports tribe / token? Interesting