Achievements: 5M SPORTS and 10k DUNK

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Hey Hivers, Sports and Basketball fans,

Like mentioned in my last Hive Power Up Day post, I was getting close to two milestones in my Hive Engine tokens account: 5 Millions SPORTS Power and 10000 DUNK Power. I am proud to report it is now done!


Let's start with SPORTS, as it is the token I have been focused on the longest. In spite of a slow down in the growth due mainly to the end of the Engagement Project, and maybe the recent issues from the Hive Engine API, my last PowerUp today brought my stake over 5 Millions SPORTS. Because of the same issues, getting an accurate richlist has been challenging lately, but I believe this puts me very close to entering the Top50.


Like I often said, I never purchased tokens on the market, so all these tokens come from posting and commenting rewards, and curation. That makes me even more proud of this achievement.

I mentioned I was hoping to reach 6M by the end of the year. Even though it now looks a bit difficult, I am optimistic it is still doable. For sure, I will keep staking everything I can, and if I can keep my curation returns like the past few weeks around 33-34%, there is a chance. I can possibly reevaluate this number for my November PowerUp post.


I've been following this Dunksocial tribe since its beginning a few months ago, and so far it's been great. I've been staking all I could since the initial airdrops, and my PowerUp today brought my stake over 10000 DUNK.


Just like SPORTS tokens, I didn't purchase tokens on the market, so it's entirely from commenting rewards, curation and the dividends from a couple of different curators, especially now @dunkcurator.

The tribe activity has been a bit slow during the NBA off-season, but with the new season starting now in less than a week, I am sure it will really pick up. When it settles down, I should be able to get a better idea for the new targets I can set for myself. I said it many times, but I am very positive on this one.

That's about it, I will keep this update short and most likely have another one with my November HPUD post.

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Congratulations on your achievement mate

Thanks you!

What an achievement and indeed you have done well tomhave come this far now,I sincerely love to see this and I think I can key into this also soon

Thanks, it's been fun too!

New season, new content! Let's go

Go DUNK! This season's gonna be fun!

5M sports is massive!

Thanks! It's now a good amount and like I said, I'm hoping to keep growing the account much higher.