Dunk Social CLAIMDROP #2 And Stats!

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Hey everyone, this is an official announcement that this post will serve as claimdrop #2 for the newest community on Hive, @dunksocial

As a reminder, I made an announcement last week that anyone who liked the post would receive a claimdrop of 500 DUNK simply for their engagement with the post. Additionally, anyone who follows @dunksocial will get another 100 DUNK as a bonus; this will be paid out following the third claimdrop!

Claimdrop 2

With the insane response that the first claimdrop received (who would have thought that people would like free money so much?) I will be imposing a 48 hour eligibility period on this post and the third claimdrop that will come next week. This means that in order for you to be eligible to get your 500 DUNK from claimdrop #2, you need to have upvoted this post before 1pm EST on June 17th.

For those of you who have powered up your claimdrop and are looking to curate and participate on the site I thank you! To those that have done the opposite, I still thank you because you selling your drop in the market means that someone else is buying it! Additionally, I know that basketball is not for everyone, but if you want to learn more about it we are a very welcoming community, and will help you with anything you need regarding the sport!

Quick Stats

In our first week of existence we have had:

  • 83 users stake tokens to our platform
  • 107 posts
  • 33 unique users create a post

Additional Giveaway

In hopes of seeing these numbers rise this week, anyone who posts something topically relevant (must be basketball related) over the course of the next week using the #dunk and #dunksocial tags will get an extra 100 DUNK in addition to the rewards they may make from curators!

So in summary, like this post (QUICKLY) and come drop a post onto the platform for a profitable week with @dunksocial !

If you have liked claimdrop #1 and did not get your coins, please leave me a comment so I can sort that out for you!

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@mariosfame gif once again, I love it:

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@sgt-dan with this sick pic:

Dunk Social Whale.png

@gr33nm4ster made this awesome gif I needed to share, we thank him as well!:

video game gif DUNK.gif



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NEW TRIBE: @dunksocial
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Who I am:
My name is Rob and I am a college student doing my best to get involved in the crypto world. I have enjoyed blogging thus far and thank you for reading my article! Give me a follow and let’s build the community together through consistent engagement.

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Sweet. Thanks for the 500 DUNK last week and looking forward to another this week. Love the idea of leveling the playing field for this one. I didn't get 100 tokens for following the official account though but since it is free money, I didn't make a big fuss about it lol.

I hope this project does well and grows out of Hive community. I'll be watching closely and might get financially involved at the slightest opportunity.

I'll be sending the 100 for the follow after the third claimdrop! There's just a lot to sort out, I'd rather do that last send all at once! You'll get it

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That makes it easier to sort out. I get it

I am doing my $DUNK power up I want to have a good DunkPower to be able to curate content, which has been a lot and very good so far.

By the way I already follow you Rob and DunkSocial too even on Twitter.

DunkSocial is off to a great start, you did it at the right time, now it's like the Christmas of basketball. 😂🍕!PIZZA

Animated Sticker-downsized.gif

Thank you for the follows, we are very glad to have you in our community! Another excellent graphic here, you have some real talent my friend.

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Thanks friend I appreciate it very much, those gifs are made for our community, I'm glad you like them. 🏀



@rob23! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @gr33nm4ster.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (2/10)

Once I heard about the project I immediately jumped

I like basketball because I have friends around who are players

I had began inviting them over because this seem to be the place for all of them

Thank you for the 500 dunk last time, I did not even know I was eligible

Now my stack is worth even more than I could imagine

I am glad to be a part of the early adopters and investors

Cheers to all the basketball game around the world

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I'm glad to have you in the community and hope that it is somewhere where you will want to stay and participate! Thank you for giving Dunk Social a chance!

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I'm glad to have you in the community and hope that it is somewhere where you will want to stay and participate!


This sounds so sweet. My heart is skipping already 🤭

Thank you for giving Dunk Social a chance!

It is my pleasure, thank you too for thanking me

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Thanks once again for the mention. I have not even checked on the airdrop, I am pretty sure I got it though. No worries.

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I keep tagging you to give credit where it is deserved for the artwork! Thank you for being an early contributor to the platform

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@dunksocial will be in the top 3 tribes

While thats a fantastic goal, the goal of @dunksocial is to help Hive become a top 3 cryptocurrency! The sky is the limit if we can bring in hundreds of new users, communities build each other up. We’re all going to make it big

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YES!!! If Doge is in sixth place and does nothing, $HIVE can easily be in the top five. If #Hive wins, we all win!!!

Good job! Didn't have a lot of time last week to engage with the community but hopefully things will be better this week!

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We'll be around for quite a while! Come visit when you get the chance

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This is great thanks for the heads up, is challenging though I don't know much about basketball I will do my best to follow up...lookout for my post soon.

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All levels of basketball knowledge are welcome! Looking forward to seeing it!

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Thank you, I will do my best on that.

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Thank you for the first airdrop! Hoping to check things out soon on Dunk Social. Great work!

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Thank you very much! Looking forward to having you on the platform

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It's just an amazing tribe, congeats!

Thank you very much! Glad to have you onboard!

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Sweet! Count me in again. Thanks!

Welcome back! Looking forward to your continued involvement!

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Claim drop? I'll take some #dunk thank you!

We'll get that to you within 30 hours!