Dunk Social CLAIMDROP #3 And Stats

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This post is to serve as the official announcement of claimdrop #3 for the @dunksocial platform. This is the final claimdrop that we will be running! If you follow the @dunksocial account here on Hive, you will receive an additional 100 DUNK sometime within the next week and a half or so!

The Rules:

Just upvote this post within 48 hours of it being posted (by 2:30pm EST on June 24th) and I'll send you 500 DUNK!

Updates On Stats:

  • We have over 100 users that have now staked to the platform!
  • @dunksocial is now down to around 50% of all tokens staked, we started with around 75% so this is great progress in decentralizing the platform!
  • We have a few marketing and growth partnerships in the works!
  • We are currently working on establishing new use cases for our token, nothing is official at all, but it was written about in a recent @dunksocial post here

I will try to have this claimdrop fully dispersed by the end of the work week here! Thank you all for your time and I hope that you will participate in this last claimdrop.

@dunksocial is a work in progress, but there is a ton of potential there to benefit the overall Hive community grow! Following the new hardfork, things will get even easier for onboarding! Great days are ahead for all of us!

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@mariosfame gif once again, I love it:

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@sgt-dan with this sick pic:

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@gr33nm4ster made this awesome gif I needed to share, we thank him as well!:

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Who I am:
My name is Rob and I am a college student doing my best to get involved in the crypto world. I have enjoyed blogging thus far and thank you for reading my article! Give me a follow and let’s build the community together through consistent engagement.

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Great to see dunk having good number of users already. Onboarding is the key to the growth of Hive and the dapps. Keep up the great work

good stuff. I think that microblogging would the best use case. Theres a lot I want to say but not write about lol

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I agree, I’ve intentionally kept the posting recommendations vague as a result of that. I don’t want to limit anyone though

I'll start sharing on the facebook page, especially when onboarding gets easier.

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Should just be another week or so! HF will help a lot

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What a joy to know that we are growing

Yes! It has been an excellent few weeks!

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I just staked my 800 or so DUNK sitting inside my wallet so maybe that percentage will go up. Who knows though.

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Amazing to hear! Happy to have you involved

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Thanks for the updates, it all looks quite promising. And of course, thanks for the claimdrop.
On a side note, any update on the Leodex voting power/multiplier issue? I'm not planning an alt account for dunksocial (or other tribes for that matter), so it could be useful.

I believe that is up to the Leo devs, who have a lot going on. I will reach out them, but for now I would not expect any changes for at least a few weeks; sorry about that!

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No problem, I can definitely understand there is a lot going on. Thanks for the quick feedback!

@pvmihalache check this !LUV

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@pvmihalache would love to have you on board my friend!

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@rob23, you were given LUV from @mightyrocklee. About LUV: https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Another one for #dunksocial
It has become a second home for me since I follow the NBA pretty close.
Add me to the list.

We are very glad to have you on board!

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Seems interesting, i will keep an eye on your project.

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This tribe is a great feel. Hoops on Hive!

Happy to have you as a part of it!

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Upvoted rebloged and will stack the token...

Much appreciated!

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Hey @rob23, here is a little bit of BEER from @bitandi for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


@rob23 is there a dicord/telegram channel for dunk?

We do not have one yet no. I think that will be something I will pursue over the weekend. I'll publicize it when it is ready!

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dag nabit! I missed it!