Featured Game Of The Night - Sixers v Pelicans

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Image Source: https://sports.yahoo.com/sixers-vs-pelicans-preview-watch-113008517.html

Of course the game of the night will have to be my Sixers. With all the drama that has been going on with Ben Simmons, it is easy to overlook the fact that this team is looking much better, especially the younger players.

Maxey and Joe look like they will be excellent, and when paired with Embiid, Curry, Harris and Green, we are looking like a team with a ton of potential on any given night.

On the other side, I am not quite sure what to expect from the Pelicans. Their roster underwent major changes during the offseason and are now looking like a whole different squad. They still have Zion and Ingram, but now they will be adding Valanciunas, Satoransky and Devonte Graham to the squad. I am not sure how this team will gel but they have a ton of raw talent.

I think that the Sixers should probably win this one, but they have a habit of losing when that is the case. I'm thinking we could see a pretty close game dictated by how many fouls the centers on either side find themselves committing.

Leave some comments, predictions, reactions, etc. here on this post as I will be reacting here during the game tonight!


Is the game on TV in US? I only see the Celtics-Knicks game on ESPN, and GameTime on NBA TV. I'm too lazy to find a good stream for free

It's the local game for the Philadelphia area! you can stream it at buffstream.io if you wanted to

Makes sense, I got the Pistons game here on BSDT. I'll watch that I guess, it's easier on TV, just in the background while I do something else.

That game is good as well

Yeah, what I saw wasn't bad, and it was a close game, but of course the Pistons broke down by the end, and lost in the last few minutes. It seems more promising than previous years though, so we'll see.

Embiid looked good in the first quarter there. Need the rest of the squad to step it up

Niang looks like he was a nice pickup for the Sixers this year

This game is a bit slow folks, not much going for this one. Hopefully some sparks in the second half

Tie game at half, hoping to see some better play next half

It feels like maybe seth curry shouldn' guard ingram... Bit of a mismatch

Ball movement for the sixers has been awesome, if they can contain ingram this should be a W