Opening Night Contest - Win Up To 500 DUNK Easily

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NBA will be back in a week folks, and I have come up with a little contest that we'll run and you'll have a week to enter!

The Contest:

Choose the winners of the Bucks v Nets game and the Lakers v Warriors game.

If you get one choice correct you win 250 DUNK!

If you get both choices correct you win 500 DUNK!

Just reply in the comments who you think will win each game and be entered automatically.

Please share this around and let's try to get some people who haven't entered our contests before involved with our community!

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Bucks & Warriors




Sincerely I missed this,but of all it is good to see that something good is happening here too

You didn't miss it! Put a guess in before tomorrow!

Ohhh,,I missed out on this anyway and I think it is now high time I start engaging too in the community

Not yet! You can guess until tip off tomorrow night!

Not yet! You can guess until tip off tomorrow night!

Nets & Lakers

I'll go with Nets and Lakers winning. Let's see if my predictions can be as bad as the ones last season...

  • Bucks
  • Warriors

Hey the Bucks & Lakers

Bucks, Lakers! Go DUNK!!!

Bucks and Lakers


bux warriors!

Hehe, cool contest. Would be happy to see more participation. My choices: