We Are Back - Giveaways Upcoming!

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Hey everyone,

Something weird was happening with the Hive-Engine and we had to essentially reset the website, so things were loading quite slowly but we are now back.

We should be totally fine now heading into the start of the NBA season. Keep an eye out for contests, giveaways and different engagement style posts in the next few days!

The NBA season is starting in just 9 days, what kinds of things would you like to see happening on the platform when those games come around?

I was thinking we could do one or two games a night that are "feature games" that I will post a chat post for so people can react to the games. Anything else?



This is very massive and honestly I can wait to see what you have in stock for us all

Good to see the website back up and running, although like somebody mentioned, there are still a few glitches, e.g the vote values are all reported as NaN.
Also, the 'Created' posts page (New) almost looks like it's been hijacked by stuff not really related to Basketball, but I'm sure it will get better when the NBA starts. Just one more week, yay!!

I can't think of anything right now, but you are doing a great job with this new tribe, so I now I can trust that any new concept you bring to the table will be great.

Much appreciated!

I think a pool would be pretty good, whether it is individual players or just teams. We could put up an entry of 1000 dunk and the winner gets the spoils at the end of the season. That could make things interesting and fun.

I love this idea! I'll start working on something now

Same thing too,but it is good to see that all is well okay.

As regards the giveaway to,that will be nice, looking forward to get that too

No wonder i keep on getting error gateway 😅. Looking forward for maybe special events 😁

Should be fixed now! Thanks for your patience


This is a problem...