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Hey everyone,

I wanted to put out a note reminding people that @amr008.dunk will not be providing rewards anymore. If you delegated to that account, you should recall your delegations now as they won't be producing a return anymore.

However, we still do have @dunkcurator providing returns to delegators, don't worry!

We're still waiting for NBA season and it has been a long lull for basketball and basketball-related media. I am making slow progress on plans for a fantasy sports platform and am still looking for developers or partners of some kind to get that moving a bit faster.

I spoke to some of the other tribe/community owners and am trying still to get DUNK information listed on their platforms. This is a problem that all new tribes and communities are experiencing apparently and has to do with the smart contract that governs our rewards pool. We are working on getting that fixed and I'll be following up soon!

I'll be trying to get back into posting each day and am going to brainstorm a contest to get us back into the flow of things within the next few days.

If anyone has any questions on recommendations let me know!


Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

authorize dunkcurator to be able to receive dunk right

Yeah you just have to delegate to get dividends!

Thanks for the update and the reminder about @dunkcurator. I will delegate some tokens right away, and possibly more when I get the other delegation back. Is this all we need to do to get returns?
I know we already discussed it in the past and I don't want to pile on, but among the minor issues being looked at, I hope the vote weight multiplier on Leodex is one of them. This would be very useful for someone like me with only one main account.
Thanks again for all the hard work!

Yep, you just need to delegate to receive daily dividends.

Great! Done that yesterday already, and like I said, when I get the engagement project delegation back in a couple of days, I will probably delegate more. Thanks!

I have reached out to the leodex team, but haven't heard back. Feel free to reach out as well if you would like and if you get a response send them in my direction. I'll keep trying!

A dunk pool on tribaldex would be cool to see too... just putting it out there ;)