DUNK Burn Announcement For Stakeholders

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Hey everyone!

Claimdrop #3 has been sent out and I will be sending out 100 DUNK to everyone who follows our account within a few days!

I wanted to thank you all for your participation up to this point and I wanted to let you know that things are progressing smoothly in terms of growth!

We have laid a great base for this project to grow over the next few months and the more participation we see, the more marketable our community becomes. Daily participation and engagement is something that can send this platform to the moon!

I wanted to announce that @dunksocial has burnt 500,000 DUNK today by sending it to @null

This transaction can be found by viewing our activity in our wallet as we are a transparent blockchain ecosystem!

With 500,000 DUNK sent to null, our effective circulating supply has now dropped to 3,242,876.5 DUNK; a burn of almost 13.36% of the entire circulating supply!

There will be no more claimdrops now for @dunksocial and all tokens will come from our inflation pool or from marketing-based contests. Any changes to this plan will be publicized three days in advance of being implemented as we have emphasized in the past.

We seek to be transparent and provide a space for quality interaction and engagement on the sport that we love! Enjoy the platform and let us know how we can improve/help you out!



A very nice steps towards improving the improving the dunk society

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Another great initiative by the #DUNK team.

Get in while you still can,

Loving the token and the work you are doing!


Much appreciated!

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That is great to know. I am wondering if there will be project where I can delegate out my DUNK for returns. I find that my stake in DUNK is probably sitting around without much use (hinting amr008's engagement project).

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I was wondering the exact same thing. I really like this project, but I'm afraid I might not always have (or take) enough time for curation, and my DUNK voting power might sit at 100% too often, which would be a waste of course.

Yea its a major concern as my main focus community-wise is LEO, I don't check dunk social as much. I would prefer to delegate to someone with an actual vision that won't conflict with my views. For example amr008's engagement project upvotes people who make comments using Dunk Soical front-end and that is something I 100% support.

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Absolutely, I really like amr008 engagement project as well. Rewards for the people engaging and good returns for the people delegating. What's not to like? Let's hope he picks up DUNK in addition to the ones he already supports.

this would be good to know. !PIZZA !LUV

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@jfang003! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mightyrocklee.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

@jfang003, you were given LUV from @mightyrocklee. About LUV: https://peakd.com/@luvshares

That has been on my to do list for a while. I am hoping to get in contact with him soon!

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Great one with the burn. I hope to be more active in this community in the coming days

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A very welcome move and look like tribe got the successful start.
All way ahead from here.

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Thank you for the support!

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wahh supernice

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