@amr008 Engagement Project Coming Soon!

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Hey everyone,

If you are newer to the blockchain than you may not be familiar with their work, but @amr008 has been a pivotal member of numerous Hive communities over the last few years. What they do is create platform-specific engagement rankings and then provide daily upvotes weighted based on where you finished in those rankings.

The point of @amr008 's engagement projects are to foster a sense of friendly competition among members of a platform and provide another tangible incentive for participating.

The rankings are based on a formula that includes posts written, comment count, comment quality, upvotes given/received and more. Really it is just a way of ranking all of the great things that are already being done on a daily basis here on Dunk Social.

We will be providing the funding for this project via a delegation of DUNK from our holdings. As we do still hold around 45% of all staked DUNK, this project will not only help to bring you all more rewards and incentive, but also contribute in the push to decentralize our platform as much as we possibly can!

@amr008 is in the process of setting up the project and will be creating a Hive account specifically for our platform called @amr008.dunk

Be on the lookout for more details about this and in the meantime participate as much as you can here so that you'll be in good shape to climb those rankings!



That's some good news for Dunksocial...

It should create some motivation for engagement, giving more pieces for curators to feed on. Should be fun.

Exactly! The more competitions and engagement projects we can launch, the better for the platform!

Very nice news!

Excellent news! Since I found out about this project, I really like it, and same for Dunksocial. Good to see them together.

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This is great news! I was hoping that this program would end up on dunk social!

Definitely a decent way to keep us connected to
what we all love basketball and nonetheless engage
to push #dunk.
Great !

This is a great news!! I am grateful i am a part of this community!

Great news! I am in the other engagement programs and it is a win for everyone.

On another note is there a discord for @dunksocial? The vote weight multiplier on Leodex doesn't seem to be working for me here on dunk social. I could do a lot more curation if my Hive vp wasn't being used at the same rate as the dunk social vp. :)